Understanding the Millennial Mindset





1-day Manager’s Training

Everything you need to know about the Millennial
Mindset and New ways of working

By 2020, 50% of the employee population will be Millennials, making them the most significant demographic within the workplace. Understanding the mindset of this new generation of employees is essential in order to Attract, Engage and Retain them and secure the future of your business. This 1-day course gives you everything you need to know about the mindset and behaviour of Modern Employees, takes you through the latest trends in ways of working, with practical examples to inspire you, and then takes a look at the new leadership style required to lead this new generation of employees. This course is typically run at your place of work, lasting a full working day and is up to 20 people per session. We can also tailor this course to suit your specific needs. The typical agenda of the course is:

Course details

Section 1 
Exploring the Millennial Mindset

Deep dive into the Millennial Mindset. Sharing the latest research and insights on Millennial employee behaviour, what has caused it, how it has changed from previous generations and what this means for you

Section 2 
The New World of Work

Understanding the New world of Work, with examples of how many different businesses have embraced new ways of working with details of the latest workplace technology, approaches to business and how to adapt to a new way of doing business

Section 3 
Modern Leadership Secrets

Exploring the leadership style required to lead a Modern Workforce. Using insights on new employee behaviour and new ways of working to give you a clear outline of what a Modern Leader should be like

Section 4 
Practical Application

Here you take all of the new insights from throughout the day and reflect on what it means for you as an individual Manager and more widely as a business, with actionable takeaways to implement back in the workplace to better reflect the Millennial Mindset

Course materials

Every participant of the course gets their own workbook, which contains practical exercises, useful resources and a notes section. They will also receive a printed ‘Blueprint of a Modern Organisation‘ booklet, detailing the 8 key behaviours of Modern Employees, the 8 key attributes of the Modern Workplace and the 8 key traits of a Modern Leader.

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