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Training Workshops

Many businesses are still operating under models that were first created in the industrial era, meaning they find it difficult to understand the latest developments in both the behaviour and needs of Modern Employees, but also new ways of working, which these training workshops help you address.

These workshops typically run for a full day (10am-4:30pm), and they combine expert training with engaging exercises, so you and your colleagues can easily apply what you have learnt back into the day job and create lasting change. For many businesses, these workshops are a crucial first step in understanding the new world of work and forms the foundation of informing and empowering people to implement effective and long lasting change.

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Understanding the Millennial Mindset

There is a new breed of employee emerging in organisations all across the world that see work in a different way. Possessing a new mindset, set of behaviours and expectations, the modern employee embraces technology, communicates in new ways, learns new skills online, networks digitally, expects to work remotely, wants a more purpose driven career and a better work-life balance. This workshop takes you through the origins of this new mindset, gives a comprehensive overview of the modern employee backed by extensive research, and gives a real insight into how organisations adapt in order to attract, engage and retain the best modern talent.

How to attract & Recruit Modern employees

The recruitment market has changed dramatically in recent years bringing with it new ways and channels to engage with potential new employees, new methods of recruitment such as values based recruitment over more traditional based recruitment and a marked shift in what employees are looking for as part of their career. There is also increased transparency in what it is like to work for an organisation and the language used by a new generation of employee. This workshop will take you through the key changes, share with you innovative new approaches with details on what is and is not working, and leave you with a much clear sense of how to attract and recruit a growing number of Modern Employees.

How to effectively engage Modern Employees

Engaged employees are vital to the success of any organisation. Yet statistics show that only 13% of employees globally are engaged with their work, resulting in low morale, high turnover rates, low productivity and much more. But, Employee Engagement is much more than company wide meetings and adhoc internal communication from senior management. It is about truly getting to grips with what your organisation stands for and sharing this with all employees, getting them involved and making them feel part of achieving a shared goal. This workshop will take you through what modern employees need to feel engaged, how you can start to engage them and insights into the latest technology and tools to make this engagement easier and relevant for all involved.

How to Lead a Millennial Workforce

Leadership is something that is always evolving and there is never a one size fits all formula to effective leadership. However, with significant changes in the working environment and mindset of modern employees, the once traditional style of ‘Command and Control’ leadership is no longer relevant or effective within the workplace. This workshop takes you through the changing attitudes and behaviour of modern employees and what leaders now need to do in order to engage and lead them. This includes embracing mentoring and coaching, how to adopt collaborative working, how to communicate effectively with employees and how to give timely and useful feedback.

The Blueprint of a Modern Organisation

Many forward thinking organisations already recognise that employee behaviour has changed dramatically in recent years, however they often struggle with how to adapt internally to respond to these changing needs. This workshop provides a deep dive on the new expectations of modern employees and how organisations can respond to them. This includes understanding new business models, how to implement an effective flexible working policy, how to improve internal communications, new approaches to recruitment, new ways of managing careers, the importance of defining a purpose-led culture and the latest case studies of other organisations experimenting with new ways of working for you to learn from.

Expert support to evolve your ways of working so
you stay relevant for a Modern Workforce

Companies from all sectors are finding it increasingly difficult to attract, engage and retain Millennial employees. However, behaviour and ways of working that were once the preserve of Millennials is now spreading to the wider workforce, which is forcing businesses to fundamentally change their working practices or face becoming irrelevant to future talent and becoming uncompetitive in the process. We help you focus on changing how you attract, engage and retain modern employees to ensure to get in the best talent, motivate them to deliver real competitive advantage and lower costs by significantly reducing employee turnover.


Are you having difficulty attracting modern employees? We help you understand what a modern workforce is looking for in their career, and use this to attract the best modern talent by improving your external messaging, evolving your recruitment strategies and even supporting you in candidate selection


Are you struggling to engage with your modern employees? We help you dramatically increase your employee engagement by improving your internal communications, helping you clarify your proposition to employees and even introduce innovative new technology and data to maximise this engagement


Do you have difficulty retaining your employees? We work with you to develop new strategies that ensures your best talent stays with you and does not move to your competitors. This includes developing employee journeys that allows you to deliver strong personal development and career progression programmes

The benefits of Effectively Engaging a Modern Workforce

Attracting and Retaining Modern Employees is all about effective engagement. We help you gain a deep understanding of this new generation of employees and then work with you to develop new programmes and communications that enable you to engage them like never before, whether they are looking to join your company or already work for you. Below are just some of the benefits you will see with our help.


Lower Staff Turnover


Lower Absenteeism


Higher Profitability


Higher Sales


Higher Productivity


Higher Customer Satisfaction

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