Helping you understand and adapt to the Millennial Mindset

As an expert on the mindset of Millennial Employees and a proven background in Workplace change, Marketing and Leadership, Adam has become the go-to person when it comes to understanding and engaging a Modern workforce. Adam helps businesses in a variety of ways, which includes training leadership teams on the Millennial Mindset so they understand the employees they are managing, improving internal comms to engage Millennial employees better, redesigning graduate programmes to be as effective as possible and implementing reverse mentoring programmes to create cohesive, high performing teams. In addition to these services, Adam also provides bespoke consultancy either directly or as an associate, helping businesses tackle their specific needs relating to the Millennial Mindset and changing their ways of working to be relevant for the Modern World of Work

Training on the Millennial Mindset

How can you manage people effectively if you do not understand them? This is a challenge being faced in businesses across all sectors and sizes, which this one day training course solves

Improving your Graduate Programme

Businesses spend a lot of money screening, interviewing and selecting the best new talent, but how do you then engage and motivate them to ensure the future of the business?

Communicating with Millennials

The ways Millennials communicate both in terms of the channels and medium used are very different to previous generations, which businesses must respond to for effective engagement

Implementing Reverse Mentoring

By 2020 there will be 5 generations in the workplace. Reverse mentoring enables different generations to learn from each other and use this new understanding to create a more cohesive team

Bespoke and Associate Consulting

Millennial Employee Consultant

In addition to the services above, Adam offers dedicated consultancy support, working directly with businesses to solve a specific challenge they may have relating to Millennial Employees and New ways of Working. He also offers his support working indirectly as an associate consultant via third party consultancies and agencies. These additional services can include conducting an internal health check to give business leaders a clear insight on what areas are working well and what areas need improvement when it comes to attracting, engaging and retaining a modern workforce. It can also include educating and up-skilling your employees in new working practices, supporting businesses to develop new people strategies and implementing new workplace technologies.

If you would like to work with Adam on a more direct basis or are an external agency or consultancy that needs to tap into this expertise for a specific project, please get in contact via the button below.

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