Helping you understand and adapt to the Millennial Mindset

As an expert on the mindset of Millennial Employees and the Changing World of Work, and with a proven background in business change, Marketing and Leadership, Adam has become the go-to person when it comes to understanding and adapting to a Modern Workforce. Adam has developed a 3-stage approach in helping you understand and adapt to the Millennial Mindset and built a small team of experts to help him deliver it. Stage 1 is training for managers who want to know more about the mindset and behaviours of the people they are hiring and are responsible for. Stage 2 is for those who understand this change, but need help identifying how their business is currently performing in relation to this new world of work and where exactly they need to improve. Stage 3 is for those who know they need to change their ways of working but do not have the time or the right skills and expertise to deliver it. Click below to find out more about each stage.

3 stage approach


Understand the
Millennial Mindset

This 1-day training course goes into detail about the Millennial Mindset, sharing the latest research, trends and insights around Modern Employees, New Ways of Working and the New Leadership approach required to lead a Modern Workforce. This course is for managers looking to better understand the people they are responsible for and how to navigate the changing world of work


Identify your
Workplace Disconnect

Businesses cannot implement change if they do not know where they need to focus and what the solutions are. We help by identifying any disconnects between your current ways of working and how your employees want to work, benchmarking your business against the key elements that are vital in engaging a Modern Workforce and creating a high-performing Modern Organisation


the gap

To help businesses bridge the gap between their current ways of working and the needs of a Modern Workforce and Marketplace, Adam has setup a dedicated internal change consultancy called Gravitee. This brings together a team of experts in their field to help businesses adopt new ways of working to create a great place people want to not only work, but want to stay

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