Millennial Workplace

The Millennial Workplace

In order to remain competitive in the ever evolving marketplace, organisations need to adapt to new ways of working so they can attract, engage and retain the best modern talent. This means both a fundamental change in organisational culture and the work environment

Are divided into work zones

Open plan offices have been proven to be unproductive. Instead modern workplaces need to be split into zones that are tailored to the types of work employees do

No ‘Culturewashing’

Putting in a hammock and astroturf does not make your organisation a modern workplace. Culture change should be authentic and not superficial

Facilitate Collaboration

The best work happens where people collaborate, both online and offline. Modern workplaces need to reflect this in their design and processes, which will then lead to an increased diversity of thought

Embrace Technology

Technology is not something to be scared of. It should be embraced as an integral part of how the organisation operates to facilitate work and communication


Embrace flexible working

Most employees can work anywhere with an internet connection and do not need a fixed desk from 9-5. This means adopting hot desking and distributed offices is key

Exude company culture

The whole work environment should live and breathe the company culture and enable employees to both understand and live the company purpose

Reward Differently

Employees now want different things from work and to be rewarded differently. Things such as better work-life balance, free food or time off to volunteer are preferred over simply getting more money

Provide the right tools

The best modern workplaces ensure every employee has all the right tools to do their job effectively, and then ensure the business gets out of their way so they can get on with it

Millennial Employees

After lots of research, we have distilled the 8 key attributes of Millennial Employees that you need to understand and consider when recruiting, engaging and retaining them


Leading Millennials

A new generation of employees requires a new style of leadership. Find out the key traits of successful leaders able to inspire and engage Modern Employees

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