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Understanding the Mindset of Millennial Employees

Millennials or Gen-Y is the name given to people born between the early 1980’s and mid 1990’s, meaning they range in age from 20-35, so are all now of working age. A recent PWC report said that by 2020, 50% of the workforce in the US will be millennials and by 2025 it will be 75% globally. It is an age group that has grown up with access to the internet and been surrounded by technology, which has changed how they communicate, learn, engage with others. This has also changed the amount and variety of information they have access to, which has broadened their viewpoints and outlook. All of this has made the way that Millennials think and act different from the generations before them, which has impacted their attitudes to work and their ways of working. To help better understand the mindset of Millennial employees, we did our own research looking at their ways of working, attitude to work, career progression and personal development. Click the button below to see the full research or scroll down the page to see individual infographics.

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Millennial Employee Research

Survey undertaken in January 2015 with white collar, professional Millennials. Out of the 374 respondents, 45% were female and 55% were male. 72% were aged 29-34 with the remaining 28% coming from the 18-28 age group. 62% of respondents were from companies with 500+ employees, 32% from SMEs and the remaining 6% from small companies (<10 employees) and sole traders. 81% of respondents were either at manager or director level, 2% MD/CEO, 6% were business owners and the remaining 12% were at a junior level. Please note that all percentages have been rounded up to the nearest percent.

Ways of Working

Millennial Gen-Y ways of working

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Want the ability to work from home: 92%
Think flexible working is important i.e. no fixed 9-5: 91%
Would prefer to work more in the office than at home: 66%
Think technology will replace middle management: 37%

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Attitude to Work

Millennial Gen-Y attitude to work

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Said it is important that the company they work for stands for something: 100%
Said a company's vision & values are important when considering working for them: 98%
Think the reputation of the company they work for is important: 96%
Think their job title is important when considering a new job: 89%

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What is the most important aspect when considering where you work?


Career Perspective

Millennial Gen-Y career perspective

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Believe themselves to be entrepreneurial: 91%
Said it would be appealing to work for a startup: 71%
Plan to change roles within 2 years: 71%
Said they intend to be in their next role between 1 and 3 years: 64%
Regularly look for a new job: 55%
Are looking to move companies within the next 12 months: 25%
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What type of feedback do Millennials Prefer?


Personal Development

Gen-Y Personal Development

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Think it is important to participate in voluntary programmes: 96%
Give up to 2 hours each month for volunteering or mentoring: 74%
Prefer ad-hoc, informal feedback: 37%
Like 360 degree feedback at regular intervals: 34%
Like regular (quarterly) formal, structured feedback: 15%
Like the traditional annual reviews with their line manager: 1%
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Deloitte 2016 Global Millennial Survey

I was delighted to be referenced in Deloitte’s latest Global Millennial survey (pg 22), about Millennial’s preference for flexible working and trust. Released in January 2016,  Deloitte’s fifth global Millennial Survey focusses on Millennials’ values and ambitions, drivers of job satisfaction, and their increasing representation on senior management teams. These findings are drawn from nearly 7,700 Millennials representing 29 countries around the globe and closely echo the findings from my own research.

Deloitte 2016 Millennial Employee Survey

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Value mentoring for personal development and say provides good advice: 94%
Stay longer if they align with their company's sense of purpose: 88%
Want the option to work remotely more often: 75%
Expect to leave their company by 2020: 66%
Say their values have the biggest impact on their decision making at work: 64%
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