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Is your graduate programme relevant to
Millennial Employees?

Businesses spend a lot of money screening, interviewing and selecting the best new talent that they hope will go on to be the future of their business. However, once started many businesses put their graduates through a programme that is often rigid and does not reflect the ways of working Millennial employees expect. The result is often a high turnover of graduates, low engagement, a decreasing level of high quality of applicants and damage to the brand as an employer due to current graduates sharing their dissatisfaction via social media and via the likes of glassdoor. Businesses need to update their graduate programmes so that they reflect the mindset and needs of the Millennial employees within them, and ensure their future talent pipeline is secured.

What is involved?

Adam will work with alongside your internal teams to first assess your current graduate programme, taking both an analytical approach to the process and a people-based approach by speaking with current and former graduates to assess the effectiveness of what is in place already. Adam will then work closely with all key stakeholders and develop a programme that is both realistic and achievable, enabling you to transition to a graduate programme that will be relevant to a Modern Workforce an ensure your graduate investment pays off.

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