Identifying your Workplace Disconnect





Identifying your workplace disconnect

Is there a disconnect between the way your business currently
works vs how your employees want to work?

By not understanding the changes in employee behaviour and new ways of working, many businesses have failed to evolve and adapt to a New World of Work. This has caused a disconnect between how they are currently working versus how their employees want to work, affecting employee engagement, motivation and productivity, which ultimately negatively impacts business performance. To identify any potential disconnect, we have developed a proven approach that comprises of 4 key phases, where we work with you to review and benchmark your business against the key elements that are vital in creating a high-performing Modern Organisation and the evolving needs of you workforce. We will enable you to identify the areas you are doing well and where you need to improve, with clear guidance of what you need to do moving forward. Our approach consists of:

The Approach

Phase 1: Initial Discovery

Time spent with the HR and/or the leadership team to get an oversight of the current ways of working, detailing all of the current processes, tools and approaches to get a good initial oversight of how your business operates

Phase 2: Employee Research

We engage with as many different areas of the business as possible, with a particular focus of running mini interactive workshops with Millennials and Non-Millennial employees to see if there is a generational disconnect. We then identify the current experience your employees have with the business, which quickly highlights areas of strengths and weaknesses. This section will include the gathering of both qualitative and quantitative data, through a combination of 1:1 meetings, interactive polls and workshops to gather as much data as possible, that will be shared back to you anonymously to enable the best feedback possible.

Phase 3: Analysis & Write-up

All of the data will be reviewed and benchmarked against the key elements required for a high performing modern organisation. The final report will highlight your current performance, detailing areas you are doing well in and areas for improvement, including a series of suggestions and actions to bridge any disconnects uncovered.

Phase 4: Review and Next Steps

All of the findings are shared back with you and is very much a hands-on session with the business leaders to identify any disconnects between the current employee experience and the one the business wants to achieve. This section will include a practical element to identify quick wins that can be implemented immediately to help you connect better with the needs of your workforce and improve the performance of your business.

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