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Adam Henderson is the creator of the Millennial Mindset website, who is based in London, and is himself a Millennial at the older end of the spectrum. After working in marketing and advertising for almost a decade, Adam has been on the front line of the digital transformation of some of the world’s biggest brands that include Jaguar Land Rover, British Gas, Associated Press, Natwest & Royal Bank of Scotland. During this time he saw the tremendous impact technology was having on people and the fundamental changes this was having on their behaviours and ways of working. However, although businesses were spending a lot of time and money on changing to cater to the needs of evolving consumers, very few had the same focus on their employees who were also experiencing the same behaviour change. This prolonged lack of focus has resulted in demotivated, unengaged employees who are becoming more unproductive and choosing to leave and work in startups or tech companies who cater more towards their needs and ways of working. If established businesses do not act soon they face the real risk of becoming totally irrelevant to modern employees with a Millennial Mindset, finding it hard to attract, engage and retain the best modern talent as the brain drain continues to startups. This will ultimately result in these businesses becoming uncompetitive with a one-way ticket to become the next Kodak. Adam felt compelled to create the Millennial Mindset website so he could share understanding of these mindset changes, educate business leaders on the need for change and ultimately help businesses adopt new ways of working to be more relevant to modern employees, providing a win-win for both employers and employees alike!


My vision is simple: To make employers and employees relevant for a 21st Century career. To help achieve this, I am passionate about sharing the latest insights and understanding around the Millennial Mindset and new ways of working, which is why I regularly speak at events, companies and on expert panels around key issues of the 21st Century career, giving audiences new perspectives and ideas to implement in their workplaces.

Below are just some of the companies and conferences where I have spoken about the 21st Century career and new ways of working. If you would like to invite me to speak at your event or company, please contact me.


  • Thank you for sharing your insights, passion and inspirations at yesterday's workshop in Budapest! I’m still in the flow – you gave me a really thought provoking experience! I really appreciate it!


    Veronika KovacsVeronika KovacsCorporate Comms Director, Magyar Telekom (T-Mobile)
  • Adam has lots of knowledge and experience on Gen-Y and Millennials, all delivered with a dynamic presentation style and high professionalism. The audience got a lot from his talk and I 100% recommend Adam to everybody who would like to have an expert speaker on the 21st century career.


    Judit AbriJudit AbriDirector of Coaching Without Borders
  • "Adam's presentation at our global conference was engaging, thought-provoking and insightful, providing a real wake up call around the needs of Gen-Y in the workplace."


    Katherine TulpaKatherine TulpaGlobal CEO, Association for Coaching
  • "You demonstrated a lot of courage and determination through the career journey you took. It's hugely inspiring to me and has encouraged me to follow my values and pursue my vision. Your openness and kindness also greatly impressed me. Your understanding of the Millennial Mindset is vast and insightful. Thanks a lot!"

    Joly ZouJoly ZouSenior Global Retail Marketing Manager, Microsoft

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