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Adam Henderson is the founder of the Millennial Mindset and is himself a Millennial, albeit at the older end of the spectrum. After working at a senior level in marketing and advertising for almost a decade, predominantly in London, Adam has been on the front line of the digital transformation at some of the world’s biggest brands that include Jaguar Land Rover, British Gas, Associated Press, Natwest & Royal Bank of Scotland. During this time Adam saw the tremendous shift in consumer behaviour brought about by the recession and the impact of technology, and was tasked with understanding this change and developing new ways to engage and influence this evolving audience. He noticed however, that although businesses were spending a lot of time and money changing to cater to the evolving consumer, very few had the same focus on their employees who were also experiencing the same behaviour change. This prolonged lack of focus has resulted in demotivated, unengaged employees who are becoming more unproductive and choosing to leave and work in startups or tech companies that cater more towards their needs and ways of working, leaving many traditional companies struggling to attract, engage and retain Millennial talent.

In 2014, Adam setup the Millennial Mindset to better understand this new generation of employee, and use this understanding to help businesses change their ways of working. His aim is to bridge the gap between the current workplace and the modern employee, and in doing so create a modern workforce where employees feel happy and engaged at work and employers have a workforce that would provide them with a competitive edge.

Adam uses his experience in technology and marketing, coupled with his expert insights on Millennial employees to help businesses stay relevant in the Modern world of work. He is also a prominent writer with his articles being read by over 1 million people across the world and is an accomplished speaker, most recognised for his TEDx talk titled ‘Re-thinking Work for the Modern World.’

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The Millennial Mindset

A new way of thinking about work and not just an age group

By 2020, 50% of the global workforce will be Millennials, who like all generations before them are shaped by their environments. In the case of Millennials, growing up with access to the internet and spending almost all of their adult life in recession, has significantly impacted their view of the world and how they want to work.

This new generation of employee has started to shift the balance of power away from the employer to employee as they want something different from work. This has lead to a mass exodus of Millennial talent to new types of organisations that were built from the ground up to reflect a way of working that is more aligned with the way the world is and not the way the world was.

However, Millennials are simply early adopters of this new way of working, which is now starting to spread across other generations, giving rise to the Modern Employee. This is increasing the pressure on traditional businesses to fundamentally change their ways of working so they do not become irrelevant to the growing number of modern employees. The Millennial Mindset was created to help businesses understand more about this changing mindset and bridge the gap between traditional organisations and the Modern Employee.

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If you want to tap into Adam’s expertise, he offers a range of services, including writing articles, providing press comments, talking at events, speaking at companies and providing 1:1 consulting support, either independently or as an associate. Click below to find out more about how Adam can help you.

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Adam is a prominent writer on the Modern Workforce and Future of work. He writes articles via the Millennial Mindset blog and shares many more through social media, achieving over a million views. He also regularly provides comments in mainstream media.

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Adam is regular speaker at businesses, events and conferences focussing on helping audiences understand Millennial employees, Modern workplaces and the future of work. Click the image above to watch his TED Talk and see his upcoming talks by clicking below.

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As an expert on the mindset of Millennial Employees, Adam has become the industry’s go-to person when it comes to understanding and engaging it’s future workforce, providing a range of services to help you bridge the generation gap in the workplace

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