There is a new type of employee who wants to work for a new type of organisation. Are you ready for them?

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Rethinking work for the Modern World

Adam Henderson is the creator of the Millennial Mindset and is passionate about understanding the changing behaviour of employees and the changing world of work. As well as being an accomplished writer with his articles getting over 1 million views, he is a sought after speaker, talking at organisations and events all over the world about Millennial employees and the future of work.

To understand more, check out his TED talk on ‘Rethinking Work for the Modern World‘.

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What Millennials want from their career


said they think flexible working is important


think the reputation of their company is important


said vision and values are important where they work


said their company must have a strong sense of purpose

Helping you understand the Millennial Mindset

As an expert on the mindset of Millennial Employees and a proven background in Marketing and Leadership, Adam has become the go-to person when it comes to understanding and engaging a Modern workforce. Adam helps businesses in a variety of ways to help them understand the Millennial Mindset and changing their ways of working to be relevant for the Modern World of Work

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Communicating with Millennials

Implementing Reverse Mentoring

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